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How can I Hide my Recent Activities in Gmail Account?

One of the fascinating aspects of Gmail is that you can view all the recent account activities, after signing-in. This feature was more or less embedded to provide the users with an ability to keep a tab on their account. If somebody else is accessing the account in an unauthorized manner, they will immediately know about it.

This also helps to secure the Gmail account. With the help of active notifications, the user knows exactly when and where the account was accessed. It is necessary for a situation when there is a constant threat to the Gmail account. But there are some negative sides as well.

The constant notification and alerts are also frustrating for users, who happen to be signing-in by making use of other devices. They will definitely look for ways to turn off the notifications, which is possible, as well. What the users have to do is to follow some basic steps and it can be done. In the event of any urgency, wherein they are not in a position to implement the steps, they can seek the assistance of renowned experts by using the Gmail help phone number.

Steps to Turn off Recent Activities in Gmail Account

  • Login to your Gmail account.
  • After signing-in, move the cursor of your mouse to the bottom right section of your page.
  • You will notice the Last Account Activity option. Now click on the Details button, situated right next to the Last account activity option.
  • A new open window will open up, with all the details and the preferences. Now tap on the button Never show an alert for unusual activity.
  • Click on the Apply button.

Once you have completed the procedure, it will take at least 7 days to get it enabled. As far as disabling the recent activity feature in Gmail is concerned, it doesn’t look much complicated in the first place. Overall, turning off the notifications will certainly prevent you from getting the annoying alerts, every time you access the account.

No doubt, there will be some problems that you may encounter, all of a sudden. If the problems persist and you have no idea, what to do, try speaking to one of the consultants by using the Gmail customer support number, which can be easily accessed online.  The experts will provide you with all the desired assistance, in a bid to resolve the issue in quick time.

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